Examination Branch

Prof. Chinmoy Roy

Controller of Examinations (i/c)

Contact Details:

Phone: ---
Email: coe[at]tripurauniv.ac.in

Dr. N. Reang

Deputy Registrar

Contact Details:

Phone:(O): +91-381-2379006
Email: dyregistrar[at]tripurauniv.ac.in, nreang[at]rediffmail.com

Sri S. Saha

System Analyst

Contact Details:

Phone: ---
E-mail:systemanalyst[at]tripurauniv.ac.in , syamal1[at]rediffmail.com

Dr. Abhijit Choudhury

Asst. Registrar (Examination)

Contact Details:

Phone: ---
E-mail: assttregistrar_exam@tripurauniv.ac.in, Abhiit007[at]gmail.com

Office Staffs & Contact Details

Photo Name Designation Contact Details
Biswajit Das Senior Technical Assistant
Email: examcell_1@tripurauniv.ac.in
Shri Bijay Debray Assistant Ph: ---
Email: bijaydebray.tu[at]gmail.com
Mrinal Sarkar Senior Technical Assistant (ICT) Ph: 8794069419
Email: mrinal.nita[at]gmail.com
Mintu Bhadra UDC Ph: 9436794237, 9862521181
email: mintubhadra[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Biswarai Debbarma UDC Ph:+91 9862215736
E-mail : biswaraidebbarma[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Surajit Datta UDC Ph:+91 9862201528
E-mail : surajitdatta[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Brajagopal Das Ph:
E-mail : brajagopaldas@tripurauiv.ac.in
Ritam Saha Technical Assistant Ph:
E-mail : ritamsaha[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Sam Jamatia Lab Assistant Ph:+91 7005342933
E-mail : samjamatia[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Kakali Bhattacharjee UDC Ph:+91-9436480545
email: kakalibhattacharjee[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Tapas Malakar LDC Ph:+91-9436486038
E-mail : tapasmalakar[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Chandan Nandi LDC Ph:+91-9436940738
E-mail : chandannandi[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Sri Dilip Majumder LDC Ph:+91-8794218730
E-mail : dilipmajumder[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Tanay Das LDC Ph:9774142464
E-mail : tanaydas[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Rajib Deb Roy LDC Ph:+91-9863194555
E-mail : rajibdebroy[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Jayanta Malakar MTS Ph:+91-7628989819
E-mail : jayantamalakar[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Sushanta Saha MTS Ph:+91-9436487717
E-mail : sushantasaha[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Manik Debbarma MTS Ph:+91-9612651277
E-mail : manikdebbarma[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Bidhu Hrishidas MTS Ph:+91-9612212355
E-mail : bidhuhrishidas[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Siddhartha Das Laboratory Attendent Ph:+91-9774735698/ 8730874678
E-mail : siddharthadas[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Sukhlal Bhowmik Laboratory Attendent Ph:+91-9774177696
E-mail : sukhlalbhowmik[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Prasanta Bhattacharjee Laboratory Attendent Ph:+91-9862168370
E-mail : prasantabhattacharjee[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
Swapan Roy MRW (Gr-C) Ph:+91-9436129086
E-mail : mrswapanroy[at]gmail.com
Sunanda Bhattacharjee MRW (Gr-C) Ph:+91-9862671798
E-mail : sunanda.univ[at]gmail.com
Krishna Hrishi Das MRW (Gr-D) Ph:+91-9774315232
E-mail : krishnahrishidas[at]tripurauniv.in
Pradip Roy MRW (Gr-D) Ph:+91-9774151062
E-mail : pradiproy899[at]gmail.com

Total Number of Visitors : 5037144

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