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Photo Name Designation Specialization Contact Details Bio Data
Dr. Swanirbhar Majumder Associate Professor Image and Biomedical Signal Processing, Softcomputing, Embedded Systems and Security Phone No: 0381-237-9372 (O) 9436229406
Email: swanirbharmajumder[at], swanirbhar[at]
Dr. Abhishek Das Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Medical Image Processing. Software Engineering Phone No:
Email: adas[at],[at],[at]

[On Lien]
Dr. Alak Roy Assistant Professor Computer Networks (Wireless Sensor Networks) Phone No: 9436243766
Email: alakroy[at]
Jayanta Pal Assistant Professor Quantum-dot Cellular Automata, Fault Tolerant Architectures in Nano-Scale, Quantum Computing, Soft Computing. Phone No: 9774829599
Email: jayantapal[at] , jayantapal.tu[at]
Dr. Sumanta Saha Assistant Professor (Contractual) Phone No: 09366172553 / 09774212191
Email: sumanta_saha[at] , sumanta_mca3[at]
Swarup Nandi Assistant Professor (Contractual) Phone No: 9436454409
Email: swarupnandi[at] , swarupnandi[at]

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