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Research Project

Sl. No Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Project Staff Funding Agency Any collaboration Title of the project Total Grant (Rs. In Lakhs) Year of Sanction and tenure
1 Prof. S. Majumder Dr. C. N. Gupta, Dept of BSBE, IIT Guwahati JRF: 01 "DBT via NECBH, IIT Guwahati & Dept of BSBE, IIT Guwahati" Dept of BSBE, IIT Guwahati Multivariate intrinsic mode functions for electroencephalogram signals using single channel Rs 5.9 Lakhs 2019 (2.5 Years), completed
2 Dr. Abhishek Majumder Dr. Alak Roy JRF-1 Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, New Delhi, Govt of India - Development of an Intra-Domain Mobility Management Scheme for Single Gateway Wireless Mesh Network to Handle Highly Mobile Mesh Clients 14.074 Lakhs 2 Years (03 September, 2015 to 02 June, 2018), Completed
3 Dr. Alak Roy - - North Eastern Council Ministry of DoNER, Govt of India - International Conference on Computer Communication and Internet of Things (ICCCIoT) 8.00 Lakhs. 2 Days (03-04 February, 2020) completed
4 Dr. Abhishek Das - - "UGC, (MHRD, Govt. of India) Major Research Project(MRP) " - Image Processing Techniques for detection of cervical cancer in North East Rs 1,055,000/- 3 years (2015-18) completed

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