Department of Human Physiology

Brief Profile of the Department

The Department of Human Physiology was established in 2007 and the department strives for excellence in biomedical research and education to advance human health and welfare. At present, there are over 18 members in the department, including 4 full-time teaching staff, 4 non teaching staff and 10 research fellows. The basic principle that provides the foundation for the study of human physiology is the maintenance of homeostasis through the operation of complex control systems encompassing all levels of the hierarchy of human structure and function (i.e., cells, tissues, organs, and organs systems). Therefore, the course in the curriculum emphasizes an integrated study of humans across this hierarchy of structure and function. Staff of the Department of Human Physiology plays a major role in teaching to postgraduate students. Along with teaching, the faculty in the Physiology Department conducts outstanding, cutting-edge research on fundamental functions of cells and tissues. There is also keen interest in the cellular and molecular basis of diseases and translation of basic science research to develop novel therapeutic approaches.

Year of Establishment:


Head of the Department:

Prof. Dipayan Choudhuri



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