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Recent Publication

1. Singh, Arambam Hemanta and Bhowmik, Rajesh. THE CONTEMPORARY ART AND ARTISTS IN MANIPUR,   International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts(IJCRT), Volume 8 Issue 8 , Date of Publication: August 2020 ISSN No.: 2320 -2882, Impact Factor: 7.97 
2. Dey, Subrata. Terracotta Plaques of Pilak in Tripura: A Hidden culture Heritage, Heritage journal of Multidisciplinary studies in Archeology October 2019, UGC Care List, ISSN No. : 945-953 
3.Dasgupta, Mandira. The Study of the Late Medieval Temple Architectures of Tripura (The North-Eastern State of India) – A Style evolved Due to the Multi-Cultural Assimilation During the Manikya Period, Journal of Advance Research in Social Science, P/ 31-39, 2019, ISSN: 2538-319X 
4.Das, Pipasa. Dolls and toys of west Tripura: a general observation in the context of folk art practices, Online International Conference on Recent Innovations in Science, Engineering, Humanities and Management (SEHM-2020), Tirumala Engineering College, Jonnalagadda, Andhra Pradesh, ISBN:978-93-90103-08-9  
5.Dey, Subrata. PILAK TERRACOTTA PLAQUES: THE ANCIENT ART OF TRIPURA, Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, Volume 08/ issue 06/ Nov- Dec 2018.Sl No 28, ISSN No.  2249-9598 
6. Dey, Subrata. Anthropomorphic forms in Pilak terracotta plaques of Tripura, Online International   Interdisciplinary Research Journal, Volume 08/ issue 06/ Nov- Dec 2018. Sl No 29, ISSN No. 2249-9598 
7. Sarkar, Bikramit and Bhowmik, Rajesh. An Indigenous and Traditional art form Practiced in Tripura, India : A Reference of the Symbolic Form of Goddess ManasaInternational Journal of Visual Arts Studies and Communication, IJVASC, Volume 20, Number 20, 2017, ISSN 0975-1629, pp/ 8-15  
8. Sarkar, Bikramit and Bhowmik, Rajesh. The Art of Traditional Painting in Assam: a Critical Study on the Manuscript Paintings of Bhagavata-Purana, VI-VII, The Chitrolekha Journal on Art and Design (E-ISSN 2456-978X), Vol. 1, No. 2, 2017
9. Sarkar, Bikramit and Bhowmik, Rajesh. A Traditional Art Practice in the Satriya Culture of Assam: A Special Reference of the Paintings of Bhagavata-Purana, X (ADI-DASAMA), South -Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies (SAJMS), 2017, ISSN:2349-7858:SJIF:2.246: Volume 4, Issue 5, pp/ 109-117, 
10. Bhowmik, Rajesh .A Study on Relief Sculptures on Wood of Barpeta Satra in Assam: A Creative Expression of Satriya Art, International Journal of Visual Arts Studies and Communication, IJVASC,2017,  Volume 20, Number 20, ISSN 0975-1629, pp/ 21-31 
11. Dasgupta, Mandira and Bhowmik, Rajesh.  Folktale of the Kuki tribe of Tripura and their tradition of weaving, Chinha, Guwahati Artists Guild, Assam, Volume: XXXVI, Number – 36, 2017,  ISSN No: 2320-0464 
1. Dr. Rajesh Bhowmik Name of the Book: Tribal Art & Crafts of north-east, Name of the Publisher: Supriya Books, New Delhi, pp/ 1-247



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