Department of Chemistry

Laboratory Facilities:

Major equipments available (each over one lakh):

  1. UV-VIS Spectrophotometer(Perkin-Elmer Lamda-25)
  2. Systronics UV-VIS spectrophotometer Type-117
  3. Fluorimeter (Schimardzu)
  4. Gas-Chromatograph(Chemito)
  5. Cyclic Voltameter
  6. Electronic balance(Mettler)
  7. FT-IR
  8. Rotary Evaporator with cold bath circulator

Details of Research groups:

  1. Organic Chemistry – Natural and Synthetic Organic chemistry
  2. Inorganic Chemistry – metal complexes and co-ordination chemistry
  3. Physical Chemistry – Theoretical quantum chemistry, polymer and surface chemistry


Dr. S. Majumdar, Reader of this Department have collaborative project with Dr. A. Basak, Department of Biochemistry and Immunology, University of Ottawa, CANADA under the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) CANADA-HOPE fellowship programme.

Other Information (if any):

Total RET qualified students working in the Department: 14
Session Name of the Student
2008 - 2009 Banti Ganguly
Pranajit Pal
Dipankar Dey
2009 - 10 Jhinuk De
Rajarshi Banik
Sanghita Bhattacharjee
Jayasree Nath
Ranajit Ghosh
20010-2011 Smita Majumdar
Amitabha Sharma
Sanjit Sutradhar
Sharmila Sarkar
Dipak banik
Chitraniva Dutta



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