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Brief Profile of the Department

The department of Chemical and Polymer Engineering is one of the new teaching departments/schools included under the XII Five Years Plan sanctioned by UGC. This department started functioning in the month of August 2016. The department is offering a 4-semester M.Tech programme with an intake capacity of 15 students with an objective of providing and promoting teaching, industrial consultancy and R&D in the frontier areas of Chemical and Polymer Engineering practice. The course curriculum has been designed taking into consideration the recent developments in the wide areas of chemical and polymer engineering. The Department aims to meet the growing need for well-qualified chemical engineers who will meet the expanding industry’s requirements in design, manufacturing and marketing segments.

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Coordinator of the Department:

Dr. Sachin Bhaladhare


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Recent News

  • "Suitcase Water Purifier/Water Purification System" IPO (Indian Patent) with Application Number TEMP/E-1/54944/2019-KOL dated 14/12/2019 ( Status: Filed, Innovator: Shri. Harjeet Nath, Assistant Professor).
  • 1st Prize in Oral Presentation at CAChE-2019 jointly organized by CSIR IMMT Bhubaneshwar and IIChE held at CSIR IMMT Bhubaneshwar (30th March 2019) by Miss. Chandrani Debnath, M.Tech Student working under the guidance of Shri. Harjeet Nath, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical & Polymer Engg. .Paper Title "Enhancement of the antibacterial capacity of activated carbons using some waste biomass available in North East India by the incorporation of metals in it".
  • 1st Prize in Oral Presentation at International Conference on Advances and Challenges for Sustainable Ecosystem held at NIT Trichy (6-8 Dec 2018) by Mr. Joydeep Das, M.Tech Student working under the guidance of Shri. Harjeet Nath, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical & Polymer Engg. .Paper Title "Anti-bacterial activity of activated carbon prepared from biomass available in N.E. India"
  • Nature Scientific Reports publication by Dr. Alok Prasad Das, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical & Polymer Engg. Paper title " Metagenomic insights into the microbial diversity in manganese contaminated mine tailings and their role in biogeochemical cycling of manganese". (Scientific Reports, 2018, 8:8257).
  • 1st Prize in Poster Presentation at Research Conclave 2018 at IIT Guwahati by Miss. Sumata Das, M.Tech Student working under the guidance of Shri. Harjeet Nath, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical & Polymer Engg. . Paper Title "Fluidized bed gasification of biomass available in N.E. India- Concept of converting biomass into clean energy".

Recent Publications

Journal Publications

  • J. Das, C. Debnath, H. Nath, R. Saxena, Antibacterial effect of activated carbons prepared from some biomasses available in North East India, Energy Sources, Part A Recover. Util. Environ. Eff. 0 (2019) 1–11. doi:10.1080/15567036.2019.1656305. (Taylor & Francis)
  • A.C. Sophia, H. Nath, NVS Praneeth, Synthesis of nano-porous carbon from cellulosic waste and its application in water disinfection, Current Science, 2016 (IF. 0.843).
  • H. Nath and Abanti Sahoo, Red mud and its applicability in fluoride abatement, Materials Today Proceedings. 2017.
  • A.P. Das and S. Ghosh. Bioleaching of Manganese of mining waste materials. Materials Today Proceedings. 2017.
  • S. Ghosh, B. Bal and A.P. Das Enhancing Manganese recovery from low grade ores by using mixed culture of indigenously isolated bacterial strains. Geomicrobiology journal, 2017. (IF-1.6).
  • M.S. Kumar, A.P. Das Emerging nanotechnology based strategies for diagnosis and therapeutics of urinary tract infections: A review. Advances in Colloid and Interface Science (2017). (IF- 9.44).
  • S. Ghosh and A.P. Das Bioleaching of Manganese from mining waste residues using Acinetobacter sp. Geology, Ecology, and Landscapes. 2017.
  • S. Mohanty, S. Ghosh, S. Nayak, A.P. Das. Bioleaching of manganese by Aspergillus sp. isolated from mining deposits. Chemosphere. 172, 302-309. 2017. (IF- 4.5).
Book Chapters
  • Harjeet Nath, “Indian Patenting System- A Short Review”, Eastern Book Publishers, India, ISBN: 9789388881104, July 2019.
  • P. Biswal, A. Pal and A. P. Das “Current trends and future prospective of prebiotics as therapeutic food” in Microbial Production of Food Ingredients and Additives. Elsevier Edited by Alexandru Grumezescu and Alina Maria Holban. 2017.
  • B.Bal, S. Nayak and A.P. Das “Recent Advances in Molecular Techniques for the Diagnosis of Foodborne Diseases” in Nanotechnology applications in food. 2017. Elsevier Edited by Alexandra Elena Oprea and Alexandru Grumezescu.
Conference Publications:
  • B. Bal, B.P. Das and A. P. Das, Akbar John, B. Molecular phylogenetics and functional group analysis of mangrove horseshoe crab. International Conference on the Conservation of Asian Horseshoe Crabs (ICCA-HSC 2017) from 25-27 August 2017 at Bangkok, Thailand

List of Equipments available in Dept. of Chemical and Polymer Engineering, Tripura University

Sl No. Equipments   Sl No. Equipments
1 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (Model: DSC 214)   12 Microcontroller
2 Spectrophotometer (UV-Visible)   13 Turbidity meter
3 Thermal Cycler   14 Chiller
4 Refrigerated Incubator Shaker   15 Incubator bacteria logical
5 Distilled Water Plant   16 Refrigerator
6 Cooling refrigerated centrifuge   17 Water bath with shaker
7 Horizontal laminar flow   18 Digital pH meter
8 Vertical Auto Clave   19 Hot air oven
9 Deep Freezer (-200C) + Servo control voltage stabilizer   20 Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate
10 Digital Weighing machine (2 Nos.)   21 Voltage stabilizer
11 Sieve Shaker (Gyratory type)   22 Hot plate



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