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1. Samrat Hore, Anup Dewanji, Aditya Chatterjee, Ensuring balance through optimal allocation of experimental units with known categorical covariates into two treatments Statistics:  A Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics; Vol. 54 (3), pp 559-576. IF 0.645
1. JB Mullick, T Majumdar, J Roy, SK Chakraborty, S Debnath, S Hore, SK Sil First Report On Frequency Of Sexually Transmitted Infections In Tripura, North East India-Tertiary Referral Center Studyb J. Evolution Med. Dent. Sci., Vol. 8(27), pp. 2202-2208
1. JB Mullick, KVR Reddy, S Saha, T Bashir, S Hore, SK Sil, In Vitro Toxicity Studies On The Extract Of Medicinal Plant EvolvulusNummularius As A Potent Microbicidal Candidate, Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, Vol. 8 (4), pp. 229-236.
2. Samrat Hore, Aditya Chatterjee, Anup Dewanji. Improving variable neighborhood search to solve the traveling salesman problem, Applied Soft Computing, Vol. 68 (2018), pp. 83-91 IF. 5.472
1. P Sen, S Das, S Hore, S Bhattacharjee, D Choudhuri. Obesity and associated cardiometabolic risk among women from Tripura-A Northeastern State of India Journal of mid-life health, Vol. 8 (3), pp. 110-117
2. JB Mullick, T Majumdar, R Bir, S Hore, SK Sil. A study on various Neisseria gonorrhoeae phenotypes circulating in Tripura, Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology, Vol. 83 (4), pp. 499-501 IF 3.03
1. Dilip C. Nath, PrasenjitSinha, M. Nazrul Islam, Socio-Economic And Demographic Risk Factors on The Onset of Mentally Disabled Elder Population in India Assam Statistical Review, Vol. 29 (2), pp. 47-74 (ISSN : 09764291)
2. Priyaranjan Dash & Samrat Hore. Moving towards an optimal sample using VNS algorithm, Hacettepe Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Vol. 45 (5), pp.1519-1524, IF. 0.413
3. Samrat Hore, Anup Dewanji, Aditya Chatterjee. On optimal allocation of experimental units with known covariates into multiple treatment groups, Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin, Vol. 68 (1-2), pp. 69-81
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