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Dr. Bipin Kumar Sharma

Name: Dr. Bipin Kumar Sharma
Date of Birth : 12/05/1977
Phone number's :
E-mail's : bksharma[at]
Academic Qualifications : M.Sc., Ph.D.
Present Designation/position : Assistant Professor
Topics Taught :

Publications (year wise) :

  1. M .Dash, B. K. Sharma, and S. K. Panda: Mapping of Human Genome: A biologist's equivalence of landing on moon. In: Journal of Every man's Science. Vol. XXXVI No. 4, January - March, 2002. p 211-217.
  2. H. K. Sarma, B. K. Sharma and S. C. Tiwari: A novel calcimycin antibiotic from gram positive actinomycete Frankia microsymbiont. Research News, In: Current Sciences, November 2003, Vol. 85, No. 10.Pp 1401-1403, India.
  3. S.C. Tiwari, B.K. Sharma, D. Lyngdoh and h. Larchhuakmawia: Studies on Soil Properties under Three Different Ages of Tea (Thea assamica) Plantations in Assam, North Eastern India. In: journal of Indian soil science, India. , April-2005. Vol-53 No-2, Pp 1-4.
  4. H. K. Sarma, B. K. Sharma, S. C. Tiwari and A.K. Mishra: Truncated hemoglobins: A single structural motif with versatile functions in bacteria, plants and unicellular eukaryotes. In: Symbiosis Vol-39, No-3, (2005) 151-158, Rehovot, Israel.
  5. H. K. Sharma, B. K. Sharma, S. C. Tiwari, S. S. Singh and A. K. Mishra: Polymorphic distribution and phenotypic diversity of Frankia strains in nodule lobes of Hippöphae salicifolia D. Don. In: Current sciences, June 2006, Vol. 90, No. 11, Pp1516- 1521, India.
  6. B. K. Sharma, H. K. Sharma and S. C. Tiwari,: Variation in physico-chemical properties of Seabuckthorn in Sikkim. Journal Indian Socity of soil sciences, Vol. 55 No.2, pp 215-217, 2007.
  7. B. K. Sharma, A. K. Shukla and S. C. Tiwari: Effect Seabuckthorn-Frankia symbiosis on soil microbial properties in its natural stands. Indian Journal of Forestry 2008, Vol: 32 Issue: 2 pp: 263-268.
  8. Ramashankar, Deb, S., Sharma, B. K. (2009) Traditional Healing Practices of North east India-Meeting report. Current Science 97 (1): 11-12.
  9. Ramashankar, Deb, S., Sharma, B. K. (2009) North Eastern Institute of Folk Medicine - Boon for traditional healers of North East India (2009), Journal of ISSR Regional Institute of Himalayan Tribal Research, Itanagar (2009).
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  13. Ramashankar, Deb S, Sharma BK (2012); Antimalarial plants of northeast India. Journal of Ayurveda and Integrated Medicine (Accepted in 2011)
  14. Ramashankar, Deb S, Sharma BK (2012); Folk medicines and traditional healing practices of Mishing community in North East India. Journal of Ayurveda and Integrated Medicine (Accepted in 2011)


  1. B. K. Sharma, H. K. Sharma, A.K. Shukla and S. C. Tiwari: Seabuckthorn community structure, Frankia diversity and nitrogen fixation in natural stands along the high altitude zones of North Sikkim, Chapter 16, published in a book "the Golden Bush edited by sanjai K Diwivedi, T.Parimelazhagan, Shashi Bala Singh and Z. Ahmed was published by Satish Serial Publishing House in 2009. Pp225-256.
  2. Ramashankar, Deb, S., Sharma, B. K. (2010) Traditional healing practices in north east India. Himalayan publishers, New Delhi.

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