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Department Faculties

Photo Name Designation Specialization Contact Details Bio Data
Prof. Rabindra Kumar Sinha Professor Cytogenetics & Plant Tissue Culture Phone No: +91-9436168884(M)
Email: rksinhabot[at] , khsinhark[at]
Prof. Badal Kumar Datta Professor Plant Taxonomy & Ecology Phone No: +91-9862936431 , +91-9863223319
Email: bkdattabot[at] , dattabadal2008[at]
Prof. Ajay Krishna Saha Professor Mycology and Plant Pathology Phone No: +91-9436451595(M)
Email: aksahabot[at] , aks.58[at] , aksaha.58[at]
Dr. (Ms.) Surochita Basu Assistant Professor Cell Biology Phone No: +91-9436541929
Email: sbasubot[at] , surochitabasu[at]
Dr. Panna Das Assistant Professor Microbiology Phone No: +91-9774001159
Email: pdasbot[at] , panna11d[at] , panna11d[at]

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