Department of Botany

Brief Profile of the Department

On the 12th of the June, 2007, the Department of Botany came into existence through the trifurcation of the Department of Life Science, established in 1976, with the objective of providing post graduate qualification to the students of the state of Tripura. With the humble beginning as a part of the then PG Centre of the University of Calcutta, the department has moved ahead with time. A number of major research projects funded by various National Scientific Agencies have being undertaken by Faculty Members.

Year of Establishment:


Major thrust area of research:

  • Developing a digital database on Phytoresources of Tripura
  • Cytological and phytochemical studies of the selected taxa
  • Assessment of plant-microbe associations in the rhizosphere of selected taxa in relation to soil fertility and growth behaviour of associated plants
  • Conservation and propagation of Bamboo species

Head of the Department:

Prof. Ajay Krishna Saha



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