The Vermicomposting project was set up in September 2019 by Tripura University with the technology where locally available species of composting earthworms (Perionyx excavates, Eisenia fetida, Eudrilus eugeniae) are used. There are six (06) cemented vermicomposting tanks constructed in the basement of car parking area of Tripura University Campus and the present capacity of the unit is 10 Quintal per month.
A large amount of kitchen wastes are generated from student/Research scholar hostels and quarters of the campus. Many fallen banana stems, dead plants, litters and weeds are also available in the campus. These wastes produced in the University campus are converted into rich organic manure within a short time span through this Vermicomposting project. However, the main objective of the unit is to recycle biodegradable waste fractions in a sustainable manner. The Unit has waste accommodating capacity of 20 quintal (on a fresh weight basis) at a given unit time.


Presently, the unit is running successfully to fulfil the need of organic manure for gardening work of the University at low price. The Vermicompost product generated in the composting unit is applied to flower garden and Orchards of the University for sustainable production. The packaging of the product is also done and sold within the campus [at] Rs. 80 / 5Kg and [at] Rs. 50 /3Kg bag among the fraternity of Tripura University. A separate bank account is maintained for Vermicomposting project of the campus and the revenue generated from the project is utilized for meeting the recurring cost of the project to make it a self sustaining project.


The initiative was also intended to generate knowledge of Vermicomposting technology and solid waste management using locally available resources. Many students and workers of the University are already trained with the vermicomposting technology as a part of capacity building programme. The project is playing very significant role in managing biodegradable solid wastes within the campus. The quality of the vermicompost product is also highly appreciated by all the users.


The contact email for purchasing vermicompost from Tripura University or for any query regarding the process of vermicompost production is


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