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RURAL DEVELOPMENT calls for an integrated approach and incorporates the view points of the different branches. Rural development needs what Chambers called 'New Prafessionals' "those abandon disciplinary boundaries and those who span the two cultures of academia and practice, taking the best from each criticism from the one and vision and action from the other". The new professionals have to be trained in a new discipline of rural development which draws upon the theoretical and applied knowledge of related social sciences combined with field experience to know the reality and to motivate academics for a commitment to rural development either in teaching and research or as practitioners in the organizations and institutions involved in the process of rural transformation.

Poverty combined with unemployment is a serious matter of concern in Tripura. Geographical isolation from main land, poor infrastructure facilities particularly power and transport sectors, communication bottleneck, higher poverty rate, low per capita income, low level of capital formation, inadequate exploration of natural resources, poor progress in industrial front, insurgency and poor credit facility from bank, all these factors together make unemployment problem the biggest obstacle towards development of Tripura.

In this context, the need for higher education in Rural Development is very much needed in University which considered as fountains of ideas, with emphasis on thought and materialization, should take the lead in resolving the vicious cycle of less development in Tripura.

The Centre for Rural Studies (CRS) under Tripura University has been set up in this background in the year 2006 attached with the Department of Rural Management & Development.

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