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The department of Chemical and Polymer Engineering is one of the new teaching departments/schools included under the XII Five Years Plan sanctioned by UGC. This department started functioning in the month of August 2016. The department is currently offering M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs with an objective of providing and promoting teaching, industrial consultancy, innovation and R&D in the frontier areas of Chemical and Polymer Engineering practice. The course curriculum has been designed taking into consideration the recent developments in the wide areas of chemical and polymer engineering domain.


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Head of the Department (i/c)

श्री हरजीत नाथ


The Department aims for internationally acclaimed recognition in teaching, research, innovation and societal services thereby raising the standard of Chemical & Polymer Engineering education in the country by developing and devising eco-friendly, socio-economically viable and innovative technologies thereby helping in Nation-Building.


To impart quality education in the field of Chemical & Polymer Engineering and to produce professionally competent researchers, engineers and innovators having good leadership qualities to solve scientific and environmental challenges keeping in mind the safety and ethical concerns which could benefit the society at large.





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enlightened Department Newsletter, Issue 1, February 2022 (Coverage Year 2021)



  • Suitcase Water Purifier (Patent Published Innovative Product) won AICTE YUKTI 2.0 and presented a virtual stall at Start-up India Innovation Week 2022.
  • Suitcase Water Purifier received product development grant of 16 lakhs from MSME and received incubation support at Tripura University Business Incubator.
  • Patent Update: Suitcase Water Purifier/Water Purification System- Patent Published (Indian Patent Issue No. 25/2021 dated 18/06/2021, Application No.201931051943A.
  • 1st Prize (Oral Presentation) in 2nd International Conference on Waste, Energy and Environment ICWEE-2021 (23-24 September 2021) organized by Sathyabama Deemed University, Chennai by Mr. Sourab Baidya (M.Tech. Student). Paper Title "Aspen Plus simulation of a typical co-gasification system".
  • 1st Prize in 4th Students Project Program jointly organized by Tripura State Council for Science & Technology (5th March 2021) by Mr. Biswajit Sarkar and Mr.Tamal Rudra Paul, M.Tech Students. Paper Title "Biochars for soil amendment in the N.E. States of India".
  • "COVID19 WARBOT" an indegenously developed Robot made for helping healthcare workers working in Covid Care Centres in Tripura (Implemented at Hapania Covid Care Centre, Agartala w.e.f. July 23rd '2020).
  • Best poster award at 3rd International Conference on Material Science, Tripura University & RSC publication group (Feb 2020) by Mr. Sukanta Reang, M.Tech. Student. Paper Title "Grey water treatment using spiral wound UF & RO membranes".
  • Best poster award at 3rd International Conference on Material Science, Tripura University & RSC publication group (Feb 2020) by Mr. Dipankar Das, Ph.D. Paper Title "Synthesis of cellulose based superabsorbent hydrogels".
  • 1st Prize in Oral Presentation at CAChE-2019 jointly organized by CSIR IMMT Bhubaneshwar and IIChE held at CSIR IMMT Bhubaneshwar (30th March 2019) by Miss. Chandrani Debnath, M.Tech Student. Paper Title "Enhancement of the antibacterial capacity of activated carbons using some waste biomass available in North East India by the incorporation of metals in it".
  • 1st Prize in Oral Presentation at International Conference on Advances and Challenges for Sustainable Ecosystem held at NIT Trichy (6-8 Dec 2018) by Mr. Joydeep Das, M.Tech Student. Paper Title "Anti-bacterial activity of activated carbon prepared from biomass available in N.E. India".
  • 1st Prize in Poster Presentation at Research Conclave 2018 at IIT Guwahati by Miss. Sumata Das, M.Tech Student. Paper Title "Fluidized bed gasification of biomass available in N.E. India- Concept of converting biomass into clean energy".

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