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2266 No.F/TU/FIN/Consumables/356/Vol-IV/20 Rate Contract with Tripura University for uses of Chemicals, Solvents, Reagents, Glassware & Plasticware, etc. for the Financial Year 2023-2024 27/07/2023 31/03/2024 व्यू/ डाउनलोड 
2279 .F.TU/FIN/Equip/Engg/187/Vol-III/CSE/2020 Notice Inviting e-Tender supply and installation of Equipments for the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Tripura University 21/09/2023 09/10/2023 व्यू/ डाउनलोड 
2280 No.F.TU/FIN/MSE/363/Vol-III/2020 Notice Inviting e-Tender for Supply and Installation of Xenon Arc Lamp for LCS-100 Solar Simulator for the Department of Material Science & Engineering Tripura University 06/10/2023 10/11/2023 व्यू/ डाउनलोड 
2284 TU/Engg. Cell/Electrical/Maintc/09/2023-2024 Notice Inviting e-TenderVendor for Power problems at Liquid Nitrogen Plant at Tripura University and Inspection/ checking/rectification/restoration of POWER supply at Liquid Nitrogen Plant at Tripura University// Construction of (1X100KVA) DT Sub-Station along with a separate HT/LT circuit towards permanent solution of the recurring power problems occurred at Liquid Nitrogen Plant, Tripura University 12/10/2023 06/11/2023 व्यू/ डाउनलोड 
2285 TU/Engg. Cell/Electrical/Maintc/10/2023-2024 Notice Inviting e-Tender for Providing illumination in and round the Kho-Kho field at Tripura University, Suryamaninagar, West Tripura 02/11/2023 21/11/2023 व्यू/ डाउनलोड 
2286 No.F.TU/FIN/Furniture/20/Vol-VIII/2023 Notice Inviting e-Tender for Making, supply and installation of customized wooden computer desk and wooden seating tools for Tripura University (Computer Lab facility) 09/11/2023 23/11/2023 व्यू/ डाउनलोड 
2287 No.F.TU/FIN/MSE/363/Vol-III/2020 Notice inviting e-Tender (2nd Call) for supply and installation of Equipment for the Department of Materials Science & Engineering 21/11/2023 05/12/2023 व्यू/ डाउनलोड 
2288 No.F.TU/FIN/Equip/Engg/187/Vol-III/CSE/2020 Notice inviting e-Tender (2nd Call) for supply and installation of Equipment for the Department of Computer Science & Engineering 24/11/2023 08/12/2023 व्यू/ डाउनलोड 
2289 TU/Engg. Cell/Electrical/Maintc/11/2023-2024 Notice inviting e-Tender for Replacement of damaged components of HT and LT line materials 29/11/2023 18/12/2023 व्यू/ डाउनलोड 
2290 TU/EngCell/civil/maintc/02/2023-2024 Notice Inviting e-Tender(2nd call) for Necessary panting of ceiling and walls and ancilliary civil works in Deptt. of Forestry and Biodiversity 01/12/2023 16/12/2023 व्यू/ डाउनलोड 
2291 TU/Engg. Cell/Electrical/Maintc/12/2023-2024 Notice Inviting e-Tender for Providing online UPS connectivity to the different zone viz. circulation, corridor and reading area etc. at the Library building, Tripura University 04/12/2023 25/12/2023 व्यू/ डाउनलोड 
2292 TU/Engg.Cell/civil/maintc/12/2023-2024 Notice Inviting e-Tender for Construction of 19 m RCC Boundary Wall with ant climbing grills opposite to Energy Park at Tripura University Campus, Suryamaninagar 04/12/2023 24/12/2023 व्यू/ डाउनलोड 

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