केंद्रीय   ग्रंथागार
सामान्य सूचना
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  • राष्ट्रीय और विश्वविद्यालय की छुट्टियों पर ग्रंथालय बंद है
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  • केन्द्रीय ग्रंथालय का शनिवार व रविवार को कार्य समय पूर्वाह्न 11:00 बजे से अपराह्न 04:00 बजे तक है (केवल पढ़ने के लिए)
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  • केन्द्रीय ग्रंथालय का सोमवार से शुक्रवार तक का कार्य समय पूर्वा. 09.30 बजे से अप. 08:00 बजे तक है। (परिसंचरण समय पूर्वा. 10:00 बजे से अप. 5:00बजे तक)
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केंद्रीय ग्रंथागार

ग्रंथागार का सामान्य नियम

  1. Library resources such as books, journals, electronic materials, etc., are costly and often rare. Therefore, users should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage the resources in any form. If anyone users found doing so, they will be penalized as per the rules of the Library.
  2. Books removed from the shelves by students should be kept on the table nearest to them if not required for reference. Users are advised not to shelve them by their own. Keep the books on the readingtable only.
  3. Members shall not bring personal belongings (including Books and other printed material) and library books borrowed by them inside the Library.
  4. Don't use cell phone in the Library. Keep your cell phone in silence mode.
  5. Members shall not engage in conversation in any part of the library so as to cause annoyance to any other readers. Members shall observe silence in the reading halls.
  6. Members shall not smoke, or spit in any part of thelibrary.
  7. Members are responsible for any damage caused by them to the books or any otherproperty belonging to the library, and shall be required to pay the penalty imposed upon them by the Librarian.
  8. The members caught tearing pages/stealing of books will be suspended for using the library facilities and further, disciplinary action will be initiatedagainst them by the University and also the borrower shall either replace the bookwithin 15 days or pay seven (7) times the cost of the book as well as same for multi volumes set of books.
  9. Readers are advised not to leave their precious and valuable items like money,passport, credit card etc. at the Property Counter.
  10. Members shall not bring personal belongings (including Books and other printedmaterial) and library books borrowed by them inside the library.
  11. Members leaving the library should stop at the exit so that the material borrowed ortaken out of the library by them are checked by the security personal.
  12. Upon any infringement of the library rules members shall forfeit the privileges ofadmission and membership of the library.
  13. Members will not be allowed to use the library in the absence of the membershipcard.
  14. A borrower should not borrow documents on other’s name.
  15. Member must report any mutilation found in books before borrowing, otherwisethe last borrower is liable to pay for damages when the books are returned and/orthe Library authority finds the mutilation.
  16. The Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member foundmisbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecentmanner.



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