Ethical Policy


Ethical Policy

In order to ensure academic sincerity and credibility at all stages of publication and in conformity with best practices and recommended codes of conduct of the University as well as the international standards for researchers, the contributors to SARASWAT: The Tripura University Research Journal are to note the following:

i. The Editors/ Editorial Team/Advisors/Peer Reviewers, the concerned Departments, or the University do not charge any money or accept donations or payments at any stage of publication of SARASWAT. No fees, charges or payments are accepted for the purpose of submission, review, and publication of the journal.

ii. Contributors are not monetarily reimbursed or compensated in any way for their submissions.

iii. The Peer Reviewers do not receive any kind of payment or honorarium for their services, discharged in relation to the journal.

iv. Recommendations and references of interested third parties are not entertained at any stage of submission.

v. As per the editorial and ethical policy multiple submissions by the same author for the same volume is not permitted.

vi. Any submissions made after the CFP deadline may be summarily rejected without explanation.

vii. Any submission that is incomplete in any respect with reference to the Submission Guidelines and Submission Check List shall be summarily rejected without any explanation.

viii. Contributors of rejected submissions may not be informed of the reason for rejection/non-inclusion and the decision of the Editorial Board is final in the matter. Selected submissions shall be notified accordingly in due course of time.

ix. All submissions shall be checked for plagiarism before publication.


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